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About Us

Godalming Writers Group (GWG) started in 2015. Initially, the enthusiastic members spent time chatting about their own writing experiences but soon they put together a series of short stories. The first Godalming Tales anthology was published in 2017.

GWG are a mixed bunch of men and women, schoolteachers, shopkeepers, bankers, IT specialists and retired people. What they share is the need to write so the publication of the first volume spurred them on to even greater efforts. Seeing the results of their labours in print resulted in a second volume which was published in late 2018. 

The third set of stories hit the shelves in 2020 and we are now working on a new compilation of short stories.

About Godalming

Godalming is about 4 miles south of Guildford with a population of twenty-one thousand. 


Those who have heard of Godalming (and there are plenty who haven’t) but never visited probably think it to be a town of rich people driving expensive cars with the head of a typical family (2+2) commuting daily on crowded trains to London which is only about 45 minutes away. That’s not altogether true, although the population growth of recent years is almost certainly due to more London-based workers moving in.


There is a strong sense of community and this is reflected in the number of cultural and sporting activities (a vast majority of them are voluntary) which take place all year round. Chief among these (of course) is the Godalming Writers Group (GWG).

Join Us

If you fancy putting pen to paper (actually, tapping on a keyboard works better) and you live in, or close to, Godalming then you know there's a group of friendly people nearby. 


Whether you are writing a novel or a short story, or even a bit of poetry, feel free to contact us. We might even give a little advice and help you to publish your short story in one of our anthologies.

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