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The Authors

(some of them anyway)

Ian Honeysett

IH 2.jpg

After varied careers in Teaching (history & politics), Careers, Training & Human Resources, Ian decided to retire. Married to Jan, they have 3 children who live as far away as New Zealand, Witley & Farncombe. His daughter, Louise, has also written stories for Godalming Tales.

For 16 years he was a School Governor but has also now retired from that. So, he currently devotes himself to writing (having co-written crime novels set in the French Revolution), painting, editing (a magazine for laryngectomees), military history, local history, a Writers’ Forum, quizzes (he runs a U3A Quiz group), St Edmund’s Parish work & playing the ukulele.

So he’s still fairly busy. He also quite likes to travel (when allowed) & has visited China, New Zealand, Japan, Canada & Alaska in recent years. He has also survived the fastest zip-wire ride in the world and has an interesting collection of waistcoats.

David Lowther

David Lowther.jpg

David Lowther was born in Kingston but grew up in South Wales. He trained as a teacher at St John’s College, York and worked in schools in the North and Midlands before retiring in 2008. Since then, he has spent his time writing and watching films.

Three of his novels: The Blue Pencil, Two Families at War and The Summer of ’39, have been published by Sacristy Press of Durham as well as a non-fiction title, Liberating Belsen; Remembering the soldiers of the Durham Light Infantry.

David moved to Godalming with his wife Anne to be closer to their son’s family at Kew Bridge in March 2017. He is a member of the British Film Institute, the Godalming Film Society and, of course, the Godalming Writers’ Group.

Martyn MacDonald Adams

Martyn Adams.png

Martyn lives in Godalming. He is a lightly bearded, 1950s vintage, ex-software developer.

Apart from various short stories he is also working on a series of steampunk novels about a complete non-hero and his relationship with a pretty, young, but homicidal girl.

His other main hobby is writing songs as part of the local group known as Nightingale Road.

When he gets philosophical, he likes to muse on the fact that we all live together on the crust of a ball of molten rock while it whizzes around a deadly nuclear fireball. Yet, despite this fact, few of us have fallen off.

Sometimes he looks up into the sky and hopes that there’s nothing out there that will bump into us.

Meanwhile, we are poisoning our home and squabbling amongst ourselves for reasons that he completely fails to understand.

Pauline North

Pauline North.jpg

Pauline grew up in the quiet countryside of West Sussex and was educated at Midhurst Grammar School and Guildford School of Art.

After her marriage to Brian, they lived briefly in Guildford before moving to the house in Binscombe where they still live.

Having worked in a wide variety of jobs, she answered an advertisement for ‘An artistic person’ and became a display artist. For eighteen years, Pauline worked as half of a two-woman team, creating and installing window displays across the south of England.

When, all those years later, it was time for a change, she opened a jewellery shop in Crown Court, Godalming. She recently closed the shop and now indulges in her passion for writing and has, so far, self-published several books: 

Pauline also enjoys painting, drawing, dressmaking and various other crafts.

Elif Tyson

Elif Tyson.jpg

Elif lived in the Godalming area for two short intervals during 2005 and 2006. Third time lucky she returned for good, and has lived here since late 2010. 

Elif is an Economist and has many interests including a love of travelling and photography. She took up writing as a task to complete an unfinished project close to her heart, and in 2015 joined the GWG. That project is her late husband's novel and remains unfinished, but against all the odds, Elif tries and experiments, never giving up.


Elif works full time, supports a charitable organisation and enjoys walks by the riverside with her dog, Sandy.

Alan Barker

Alan Barker.jpg

Alan is a retired tax accountant having spent most of his working life in Guildford and Godalming. Along with his wife Judy he now lives in Epsom within a horse’s gallop of the racecourse but retains strong links to Godalming and its surrounding area.

Following his retirement in 2018 Alan attended a creative writing course in order to pursue a lifelong ambition to write stories. He became a published author on 1 January 2019 and has since had various short stories and flash fiction stories published through competitions and magazines as well as Christopher Fielden’s ‘Writing Challenges’.

Alan’s other pastimes include playing badminton and watching his beloved Woking FC.

Paul Rennie

Paul Rennie.jpg

Paul Rennie is a retired Health Care product development manager with time on his hands. In the 1980s, he gained a PhD in microbial biochemistry at Leeds University, and at the time was a world expert on armpits and body odour, an ideal qualification for running a launderette or for a ticket inspector on public transport.

He now spends his time playing golf, tennis, the guitar, ukulele, and sailing. All badly. He has refurbished a few houses and is willing to take on most DIY jobs, also badly, as Insurance companies will testify.


Paul, his long-suffering wife Lesley and family have lived on Frith Hill in Godalming for 23 years, and have a keen interest in local history.

This is Paul’s first foray into the published world, although he has written a Rennie family history, and attempted various comical poems and prose for family and friends’ entertainment. 

He has all of his own teeth and hair.

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