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The Godalming Writers Group

The Godalming Writers Group meet at 10:00 am on the first Saturday of every month. We take a table (or two) towards the front of the Jack Philips. Here, we discuss things about the group, its activities, and the group's publications. Feel free to sit down and join us. We're pretty informal and love to have a good chat. There is no cost.

The Godalming Writers Circle

We sit in a circle and work around the group member by member. Each member is allotted approx. 15 minutes. During that time, they can read up to 1000 words of the story they are currently working on (10 mins). That can be a short story, an extract from a novel, or a poem. The remainder of the time is given over to feedback/advice for both style and content from the rest of the circle. Constructive feedback only, please. Please bring copies of your work so we can follow what is being read (email us if you do not have access to a printer).

For poetry, the poem is read first by the author, then again by someone else, followed by feedback/advice from the rest of the circle.

The order is determined on a first-come, first-served, basis. If the meeting lasts 2 hours for the evening, that will cater for 8 readers. It is not compulsory to read. Indeed, for your first visit, you may wish just to listen and see what everyone else is doing.

The location will be revealed to those wishing to attend. It will most probably be at 7:30 pm on a Monday evening.

The cost is £2 each for the refreshments.

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